Restorative Justice Makes a Difference!

  • 87% of peer conferences result in successful agreement completion
  • 71% of students referred to Senn High School’s Peer Conference program say that the program strengthens their skills to think before they act
  • 88% of Peace Ambassadors indicate that Peer Conference helps them build new leadership skills
  • 93% of trained school staff state that they would refer students to the program as an alternative to suspension or detention

“It’s an inspiration for kids that don’t want to stay in trouble and need help getting their life right so they can live better and learn better.” –Kennedy High School Peace Ambassador

What People Are Saying About Alternatives’ Restorative Justice Program:

“Peer Conference is one of those small programs that can change the school.” -- Foreman High School Peace Ambassador

“Peer Conference is helpful because it gives you a way to practice resolving conflicts. I joined because I wanted to be a counselor or social worker. Peer Conference has taught me the skills I need for these jobs. Now I want to be a counselor at a public school and I feel more prepared because of peer conference.” – Senn High School Peace Ambassador